Dialogue ” SELFIE”

Iqbal: (Meeting with his friend)
Asalamualikum Rafiq. How are you.

Rafiq: Walikumasalam. I am fine. What about you.

Iqbal: Alhamdulillah I am fine.

Rafiq: Good

Iqbal: Rafiq, I want to ask you question. Can you answer me.

Rafiq: Yes, why not, sure.

Iqbal: For what purpose you live your life in present times.

Rafiq: For photos, selfies, videos and memories.

Iqbal: (Surprising/Shocking)
Why So my dear ? How ?

Rafiq: Do you not see, we are taking photos and selfies during the funerals and even during if a
person is dying due to accidents, diseases or hunger. Instead of helping the victim, giving
him first aid and giving bread to hungry we try first to take photos and selfies with the
victims till he or she lost his life.

Iqbal: So sad! For what we are doing so.

Rafiq: For publicity. Have you understood this. These are called memories. And brother life is
just fir enjoyment and memories.

Iqbal: (Disturbed) But what about Akhira for which we have been created.

Iqbal: (Shocked)

Rafiq: (Silent )

Rafiq: (Tears coming down from eyes)
O Allah! Forgive me. I have spent my precious days in these mortal visuals of life.
The real aim of life we have forgotten.

Iqbal: Now please stop crying. Don’t worry. We will turn to Allah with repentance. He is most
merciful. We will do good deeds henceforth.

Rafiq: Yes we will now now help people for Allah’s happiness. We will not become slaves of
publicity(riyakaree) . We will help needy.

Iqbal: Yes, Of course. We should not prefer mortal worldness over never ending Akhira.

Both Iqbal & Rafiq: (Raising their hands up)
O Allah! Bless us Hidayah. May Allah grant us success in both the world.

( ~ Showkat Budnumbal Kashmiri )