Heart: The Central Unit of Spirituality and the Precious Ingredient of Human Body.

Heart: The Central Unit of Spirituality and the Precious Ingredient of Human Body.

Do not equate “Love” with “Lust”

(Showkat Budnumbal Kashmiri)

Heart: The Central Unit of Spirituality and the Precious Ingredient of Human Body.
Do not equate ‘Love’ with ‘Lust’
Consolations are for time being which remain with you for few moments but the love is for life time which remain with you always and for ever. When these feelings of love are snatched from you then one is left hurt and deprived. Thus it shows that there is no substitute of the love. And if one loses this, the only option left for him is endurance or patience to continue his life, otherwise he may fail in the journey of life.
Humans can lose or neglect the love only in the state of insanity or bad conscienceness.Otherwise love is such a great thing which did not leave from one even after the flying away of his soul from the body. Love is the great blessing of Almighty Allah by virtue of which a man is able to live in this deceitful world or the world of delusions otherwise it would have left as a prison or a torment for a man. Love is never a lust. If lust is developed in a man then love did not remain in him anymore. Love is pure thing which remain vulnerable to get polluted. Love is from Almighty Allah and the lust is emerged by the Satan. Love is worship of the Divinity and the lust is the worldly test and a satanic trap. Love is only for Allah which is done with the creatures of Allah while as the lust born with the influence of satan and is done with ones own self or Nafas.
Nafas is an Arabic word having no substitute yet in English or Urdu and it has broader meanings. Generally we mean it selfness.
It is a state of being thinking and acting only for self irrespective of interest of other creatures. It always put a man in delusions and make him feel relaxed in laziness,evils and worldness . It always put humans into trouble and losses.

It always make a man to find success only in wordlness and put him in trouble and losses. Love always live in heart while as lust find its place in Selfness(Nafas) . The thing which forms the soul of love is called mercy which has been explained in the Hadith as under;

  • Abu Hurairah(R.A) also narrated that the Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) the Messenger of Allah said ;
    “Allah has one hundred mercies, out of which He has sent down only one for jinn, mankind, animals and insects, through which they love one another and have compassion for one another; and through it, wild animals care for their young. Allah has retained ninety-nine mercies to deal kindly with His slaves on the Day of Resurrection.”
    (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

In another narration of Abu Hurairah(R.A) Messenger of Allah(S.A.W) said ;
“Allah has divided mercy into one hundred parts; and He retained with Him ninety-nine parts, and sent down to earth one part. Through this one part creatures deal with one another with compassion, so much so that an animal lifts baby animal, lest it should trample on it.”
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Jarir (R.A ) narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said: “Allah does not show mercy to those who do not show mercy to people.”
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
The great Islamic thinker and poet Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal has beautifully said about Nafas and heart in his poetic verse;

Dil kī āzādī shahanshāhī shikam sāmān-e-maut ;
Faisla terā teray hāthoñ meñ hai dil yā shikam

Free heart lends kingly state, to belly death is due:
Decide which of the two is better in your view.

Heart in human body occupies central postion and it has been said that;
“Qalb al mu’min baytur rabb.”
“The heart of the believer is the House of the Lord.”
From the Ulmahs to the poets everybody was having thirst to know about this topic of prence of Allah in the believer’s heart and then after going the Ahadith of Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) they quenched their thirst.
Nu’man b. Bashir reported: I heard Allah’s Messenger Prophet Mohammad(S..A.W) said;
“Verily, in the body is a piece of flesh which, if sound, the entire body is sound, and if corrupt, the entire body is corrupt. Truly, it is the heart.”
(Sahih Muslim)

Allah(S.W.T) says in Qurán in Surah Fatah:Ayat 4;
“Huwal lazeee anzalas sakeenata fee quloobil mu’mineena liyazdaadooo eemaanamma’a eemaanihim; wa lillaahi junoodus samawaati wal ard; wa kaanal laahu ‘Aleeman Hakeemaa “
Translation: He it is Who sent down peace of reassurance into the hearts of the believers that they might add faith unto their faith. Allah’s are the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is ever Knower, Wise .
Thus it is the remembrance of Allah which grants the real joy and happiness to the man. Almighty has scattered His countless signs in the universe for the men to observe and to think upon these signs so that he can achieve Knowledge of Allah(Marifat-e-Illahi) .
About the importance of heart in a human body Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) has beautifully said that “Human heart is very precious, because there lies inside it the Divine vision of Almighty Allah which a man can not see by his physical eyes rather by the heart’s eye or spiritual eye. Thus heart forms the central unit of spirituality in human body. Human heart not merely means the organ which provides the circulation of blood to the body rather it is the piece of flesh which acts as the source for Allah’s Knowledge(Marifat-e-Illahi) and which effects cum controls the whole life of a man.
Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal has beautifully said;

Khirad Ne Keh Bhi Diya “La Illaha” To Kya Hasil;
Dil-o-Nigah Musalman Nahin To Kuch Bhi Nahin

If wit incites a man to say “No Divinity but He ” it brings no gain;
It has no worth at all I think, Unless affirmed by heart and brain.

So for as brain is concerned, it is great and wonderful blessing and a test Allah granted to the haman beings. Here it should be noted that whatever blessings Allah has granted us are means of test as well for us. It is the brain which enables a man to differentiate betweem right and wrong, good or bad, profit and loss and to differentiate between right and wrong path to choose. Brain is the driver of whole body including heart as well. It commands all the organs and lead akl the metabolic activities of the human body. Brain is the part on which both the Allah’s Divine and merciful illuminations(Remani- Tajaliyàt) as well as satanic occupation influences. Human brain is always effected by the surrounding environment. Thus a man should try to give it pure and harmonious environment to it so that coordination may be developed betweem heart and brain and heart may be preferred over the Nafas, so that lust may not dominate a man.
As Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal has rightly said;

majnūñ ne shahr chhoḌā to sahrā bhī chhoḌ de
nazzāre kī havas ho to lailā bhī chhoḌ de

Majnun abandoned habitation, you should abandon wilderness also;
If there be ambition for Sight, you should abandon Layla also

achchhā hai dil ke saath rahe pāsbān-e-aql
lekin kabhī kabhī ise tanhā bhī chhoḌ de

It is good to guard Intuition with Intellect;
But sometimes you should let it go alone also

Inside human heart only Allah can reside and satan can never reside in it. But when there happens satanic occupation on the human brain then satan settles over the Nafas and its commands become dominant. In this condition Allah’s merciful illuminations does not any more inside the human heart and it becomes empty and dark and dead in terms of Spirituality.
Thus Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal advised the Muslim Ummah not to become dead hearted by giving up the remberance of Allah.
Dil-e-Murda Dil Nahin Hai, Isse Zinda Kar Dobara ;
Ke Yahi Hai Ummaton Ke Marz-e-Kuhan Ka Chara.

And dead heart is not a heart, Infuse fresh life in it again;
It is the only cure for nations who suffer from some chronic pain.

Because Allah’s merciful illuminations never resides under the satanic occupation and influence. So for as Allah’s presence is concerned, Allah is Omnipresent. But His merciful illuminations reside only where there is no satanic occupation. In one way if we see most of the believers understand the human heart as the base of spiritual being . That means if the heart prostrates then the whole body follows it. And it is verily Allah Who is present between the heart and its membrane.
Allah(S.W.T) says in Quran in Surah Anfaal Ayat:24;
“And know that Allah stands between a person and their heart, and that to Him you will all be gathered”.
So for as satanic occupation is concerned, this power has given to him by Almighty Allah as the reward of his worships which he did before he become the rejected before Allah for his guilt. This power will remain to him only in this mortal world and will be seized from him at the time resurrection or on the Doomsday and then he will become helpless and the dweller of hell for ever.
Thus we pray to Allah. May Allah benifits always us with the great blessings of love, protect us from satanic lust. May Allah alway keep continuity of His merciful illuminations on our brain. May Allah reside in our hearts and protect us from satan. May Allah bless us with His blessed Divine Vision.

( ~ Showkat Budnumbal Kashmiri )