Soothe your soul with the remembrance of Allah.
( By: Showkat Budnumbal Kashmiri )

Make your tears so expensive for worldly desires that they come out of your eyes with great difficulty, but make them so cheap for the thinking about the world hereafter and for the remembrance of Allah(SWT) that they come out automatically. Tears are one of the greatest blessings of Allah(SWT) and more precious then all the pearls in the world. So never waste them on trivial things and never let your tears fall in front of others because it is an insult to these tears. If you shed tears at the doors of others they will consider you weak and contemptible. And when you ask them for help again and again they will call you beggar. They will think you helpless and will exploit you.
Always shed your tears before Allah(SWT) . The court of Allah is the only court where on extending hands repeatedly for seeking help, you will be exalted with honour and exaltations. Allah is the only and real emperor who get happy when someone pray to Him for help and mercy and gets angry when he doesn’t pray to Him for help. It is the court where one when bows or prostitutes, doesn’t need then to bow before anybody else in this world. Believers never bow before other than Allah, no matter what happen to them or even if they faces hunger and poverty. The believer never becomes disappoint and helpless for anything even if he is subjected to the mountains of miseries and oppressions. Although the believer may be temporarily sad and depressed, he is not hopeless at all. There is only one thing that can make his disappointed and frustrate and that is the wrath of Allah. But the believers prostitutes himself before Allah, scattering pearl of his tears and pleasing his Lord and Merciful Allah highly appreciates and values the tears of His believers and sinful servants who turn to Him with repentance.
Shedding tears with remorse is a great source of nearness to Allah. One drop of tear that comes out of your eyes in remembrance of Allah is so precious that due to which the springs of light burst in Heaven and the springs of grace begins to flow. Not only this, even a tear that comes out of your eye extinguishes the fire of hell.
There is a Hadith in which the Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) has said;
Nothing is dearer to Allah than two drops. One is the drop of tear that comes out of fear of Allah and the second one is the drop of blood that falls in the way of Allah – (The blood of a Martyr).
(Mishqaat Shareef )
That is why Maulana Rumi(Rehmatullah Alai) has beautifully said in his poetic verse;
Qatra-e-Ashq-e-Nidamat Darr Sajood
Hamsaree Khoon-e-Shahadat Mee Namood

The drop of tears of remorse that falls from the eyes of sinful servants of Allah in prostitution are so precious that the Allah’s mercy weighs them like the blood of Martyrs. The Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) Said that; Allah(SWT) says " The crying, sighing and groaning of sinners is dearer to Me then the sound of 'Subhan-Allah' of those who recite Tasbeeh. Thus the shedding of tears in repentance is the great source of nearness to Allah. Maulana Mohammad Qasim Nanoti(Rehmatullah Alai) the founder of Darul Uloom Deoband while explaining the reason why the remorse and tears of servants are so important in the sight of Allah said; There are no tears in the court of Allah's greatness and glory. There are no tears in the court of Allah. That is why Allah values our tears. Tears come from the sinful servants and the Angels don't know how to cry because they have the nearness of worship. Sinners have the nearness of the repentance. Zalim Abhi Hai Fursat-e-Tauba Dhair Na Kar Woh Bhi Gira Nahi Jo Gira Phir Sambal Gaya O! Crual Man ,Yet is time to repent. Don't be late. Not even the one who fell, fell and recovered. So take care of these pearls and don't lose this treasure hidden in your eyes. Instead always keep your eyes wet and shine with these pearls. Your tears not only accompany you in grief but also when your soul is truly happy,they express your feelings. So don't let your eyes get from them. You can wash and clean your body (which Allah has created from the dust of the earth) with the water available on the earth. But your soul is heavenly and its washing and cleaning equipment is not outside your body rather it is in your inner. And it is your tears that clean your soul and heart. .Dr Allama Iqbal Rehmatullah Alai has beautifully said;

Fitrat Ne Na Bakhsha Mujhe Andaisha-e-Chalaak
Rakhti Hai Magar Taqat-e-Parwaz Meri Khak

On me no subtle brain though Nature spent,
My dust hides strength to dare the high ascent

Iss Khak Ko Allah Ne Bakhse Hain Woh Ansu
Karti Hai Chamak Jin Ki Sitaron Ko Arq-Naak

And Allah to this dust a gift of tears
Whose brightness shames the constellations, lent.

Law of nature is that in making an object, from where its ingredients are obtained, there lies its means of repairment. To grow and nourish the body you use what is available in the soil which you call food. But the soul is nurtured not by earthy things rather by the remembrance of Allah.
Allah(SWT) Says in Quran in Surah Ar-Raàd:43
Allahtheena Aamanoo Watatmainnu Quloobohum Bithikri Allahi
Ala Bithikri Allahi Tatmainnu Alquloob.
Those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah; for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.
Thus we pray to Allah to include us among those who do remember Allah and praise His glory. Make us among those who repent and shed tears in the remembrance of Allah. May Allah forgive us and bless us the nearness to Him.