اس نشست میں “ضرب کلیم” کے حصہ “اسلام اور مسلمان” کی درج ذیل نظموں کی شرح کی گئی ہے:
مہدی برحق – امامت – اے روح محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم – تسليم و رضا – نکتہ توحيد – اور سوال و جواب

After successful completion of the Bang e Dara and Baal e Jibril courses, now we are starting the Zarb e Kalim Course which will also take 8-9 sessions and our Ustad for this course for most lectures will be no other than Prof. Dr. Moeen Ud Din Nizami sahib.

These courses are organized by International Iqbal Society in Lahore.

InshaAllah we will be sharing the videos of these lectures for those who can not personally attend, and will also help those who are attending to revise what they have learned sitting in these amazing classes inshaAllah.

These courses are ongoing in Lahore so if you wish to join them then feel free to contact us inshaAllah.